Welcome to MyWellbeing College – we’re here to support you through life’s ups and downs.

Life is full of ups and downs

Everyone has times when they are low, anxious or stressed; when sleep is difficult, and each day seems full of worries, upset or sadness.

Experiencing feelings like those can be a perfectly natural reaction to a situation in which you find yourself, but disheartening and disruptive to your daily life.

Ready to make positive change?

If you’re ready to make some positive changes, the dedicated team at MyWellbeing College is here to offer free, professional, NHS help.

We work with you to understand what’s making you think the way you do and show you ways to feel better.

These ‘coping strategies’ mean you can become your own therapist, so you can manage your mood and/or anxiety effectively now – and prevent any future setbacks.

Get in touch online or by phone

It all starts with getting in touch to tell us a bit about yourself and what the problem is.

We work with people aged 16 or over from right across Bradford, Wharfedale, Airedale and Craven.

As long as you’re registered with a GP in one of those areas, you can enrol with us by filling in our online form or calling us by phone.

Our enrolment process helps our staff find the best way to support you.

If you complete our online registration form one of our advisors will give you a call back at a time that is convenient to you to discuss how you are feeling and how we could help. Please allow around 30 minutes for this call.


OR CALL US ON  0300 555 5551

Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

If you prefer to register by phone, again, please allow 30 minutes for the call. Our advisor will give advice on the best option for you and register you whilst you are on the phone.

Online courses and 1-2-1 support

Our experienced, qualified advisors will talk you through the options for support.

They may refer you to one of our six-week, group courses for managing anxiety or depression, which we’re currently delivering online via live webinar once a week. Or they may suggest a mix of 1-2-1 sessions over the phone and an online course or in-depth self-help workbook.

Telephone and online courses are proven to be just as effective as face-to-face sessions. They’re really convenient as you don’t have to travel – or even leave the comfort of home!

Problems we can help you with

As well as general anxiety, depression and sleep issues, we can support you through specific anxieties, like health or social anxiety, panic, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating problems, or phobia.

If you believe you are experiencing a mental health crisis and need urgent help then instead, please contact our First Response service right away – they’re available 24/7 on 01274 221181.

Why choose us?

We are a team of professionals with wide experience, dedicated to improving the mental health of people across Bradford, Wharfedale, Airedale and Craven.

You can trust us to provide expert advice as we’re an NHS service delivered in partnership between Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, Relate Bradford, Relate Pennine, Bradford Counselling, Aire Valley Counselling, the Cellar Project, Inspired Neighbourhoods, MESMAC, Project 6, Mind Bradford and Together Women.

Every year we work with thousands of people from all across the district and from every kind of background and culture. We’re LGBT+ friendly and our initial assessment session can be provided with an interpreter if English is not your first language.

What people say about MyWellbeing College

“I went away with things I was looking forward to try.”

“Made me realise that these feelings are more common than I thought. I don’t feel as alone.”

“I feel much more in control of my thoughts and actions. Things really made sense.”

“Even though I was initially skeptical about being in a group, it felt like we were all in it together.”

“I’ve learn that my thoughts and feelings affect what I do, and now I have practical ways in which to break the cycle.”

Enrol now to get the help you deserve