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My tutor is a credit to her profession. She has helped me tremendously and I really am grateful for having had her as my tutor. She loves her profession, she genuinely cares and uses her gift to bring out the best in people. Again, I just truly want to say a big thank you for what she has done for me, during my time with her.

It was great to attend the course and chat to other people about their experiences as we can all feel a little stressed from time to time. The session was really informative and it was great to find out more about simple techniques to manage stress and also where to get additional help after the stress buster class if needed. I’d definitely recommend going to a session.

Craig, 31

I’d firstly like to say that CBT itself has been an absolute revelation to me. It has been fascinating for me and has proved to be extremely effective. I wish that I had been aware of CBT and Mindfulness some time as it is, in my opinion, an invaluable life tool. My course tutor on this occasion has been a shining star. The career path that she is pursuing is so obviously a vocation for her. Apart from her in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and ability to tailor the sessions to personal needs, she has a natural ability to immediately connect with people and to make them feel at ease, special and individual. I really appreciated my time with her and what she has taught me will benefit me for the rest of my life. Thank you VERY much.

I was apprehensive about these group sessions, however the therapies both made me feel very comfortable and I enjoyed attending and contributing to sessions. The sessions were very useful for helping with my anxiety and stress.

So so helpful, very intuitive and provided practical and helpful tools that really got to the bottom of the issues I was having and supported me in developing everyday/real life techniques to deal with the things that come up.

It has helped me enormously and I feel very, very grateful and the things I have learnt to put in place when I feel anxious etc have been invaluable, I have found my confidence again, Thank you.

The care and compassion shown by all three therapists was excellent. We worked together to reach the best strategies for me to move forward. Thank you.