Forty seven year old Paul experienced low mood and anxiety following work related stress from a demanding career. Recognising the signs, Paul decided to enrol on a six weeks mood matters course at MyWellbeing College and has never looked back; crediting the course with giving him the tools he needed to help to tackle the problem.


From the age of eleven Gemma felt anxious and shy in social settings. This led to Gemma experiencing low mood, anxiety and loneliness during her teenage years. Now 20 years of age and a confident dental nurse, Gemma benefited from enrolling on a stresspac course available through the MyWellbeing College, which led to a boost in self-confidence and a positive impact on her life.

A demanding teaching career left Margaret feeling anxious and low after the demands of the job left no time for a social life. Now retired, 70 year old Margaret decided to enrol on a variety of courses available through the MyWellbeing College, including yoga and mindfulness and has credited the courses with helping her get back on track.